011 Rescue: ROSE

011 Rescue: ROSE

My name is ROSE. I’m a Hit and Run Victim who can barely move because of the accident. I was rescued at Reparo, Caloocan City, Philippines. ARF Animal Rescue Family team rescued me and brought me to the vet (Ask A Vet) decided to bring me to Manila for treatment. I also tested positive for Ehrlichia (Blood parasite) and Canine Hemorrhagic Fever. It took several months and everyday theraphy for me to be able to start walking again. I still cannot walk properly but I can do few steps now.

I also had to come back two more times to the vet after I got adopted due to some complicatios on my organs. It swelled up and I had to undergo a surgery. I’m now recuperating at my FUR-EVER FAMILY.

Thank you to everyone who did not give up on me. Thank you who showed their love and support and gave me a better and happy life.

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Rescue Date: January 26, 2018
Gender: Female
Breed: Aspin (or Mutt)
Case: Hit and Run Victim, Ehrlichia (Blood Parasite) and Organ Complications (Surgery)
Status: Closed. Happy with my FUR-EVER FAMILY.

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