006 Rescue: DAVID (Open Case)

006 Rescue: DAVID (Open Case)

My name is DAVID. I’m a rescue dog from one of the slum areas in Divisoria, Manila, Philippines. I was STABBED ON BOTH MY HIND LEGS. My owners wanted to just leave me and die because they do not have money.

Luckily, rescuers from ARF Animal Rescue Family came on time and saved me. They brought me to the vet and had me treated. I had a lot of complications and CANNOT STAND NOR WALK. After a long time of treatment, I was discharged to my new FUR-parent that A.R.F. found for me. My FUR-mom was really kind but after few days I got very weak again.

I found myself back in the vet. I have a very high infection level as well as a low blood count due to ehrlichia. After a long time in the vet, my ehrlichia is gone but my infection level is still off the charts. They did a BLOOD CULTURE but found nothing. They mentioned that there is a possibility that I might have CANCER. For now, they discharged me to see if the infection level is just due to stress.

I’m currently at a foster parent who happens to be a homeopathy doctor. He might be able to help me with my recovery. I went back to the vet after 1 month of being discharged and my infection level went down but not enough to reach the normal level. I’m back at my foster’s place and will go back to the vet for a check-up early August 2018.

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Hope you can share your blessings and help me. If you want to make a donation, you can send via Paypal or via Philippine Bank Options or via Western Union. Thank you so much.

Paypal: animalrescuefamilyph@gmail.com

Bank Account Name: Lorilyn A. Casuncad
BPI Savings: 0019-7004-45
BDO Savings: 007260145142
Metrobank Savings: 264-3-264-91186-0

Rescue Date: January 5, 2018
Gender: Male
Breed: Aspin (or Mutt)
Case: Stabbed on both his hind legs. Positive with Ehrlichia. Possibility of Cancer.

Manila Vet: Ask a Vet (PHP 38,271)
Manila Vet: Vets in Practice Taguig (PHP 43,144)
TOTAL: PHP 81,415

*The Financial Audit Report (FAR) and other financial documents are uploaded in this post for audit and transparency purposes.

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