001 Rescue: CARDO

001 Rescue: CARDO

My name is CARDO. I’m a rescue dog from Nueva Ecija (a province in the Philippines). I have a foreign object lodged inside my esophagus. I was rescued and brought to the nearest vet. I vomit everytime I eat or drink that is why I’m very malnourished and very weak. Due to lack of facilities in my current vet, A.R.F. Animal Rescue Family team decided to bring me to Manila for treatment.

Doctors said I needed surgery but my body is too weak to have one. I underwent a blood transfusion which was successful in order to prepare me for my surgery but unfortunately my body gave up after few days. I passed away last February 3, 2018 due to secondary complications of the foreign body in my esophagus.

I’m now in DOG HEAVEN. Thank you to everyone that gave their love and support. Thank you to my rescuers especially to one of my rescue moms who visited me every single day and stayed with me for 4 hours a day to ensure I felt loved.

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Rescue Date: January 20, 2018
Gender: Male
Breed: Aspin (or Mutt)
Case: Foreign object (Large bone) lodged in his esophagus
Status: Closed. Dog heaven (February 3, 2018)

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